A few weeks ago I started a blog about all the adventures I was going to take this summer.  I wanted to connect with others and share my story and at the time, that felt like a way to do so.  It soon became clear to me that my story was more than that, and I wanted to connect with others in a different way.   That wasn’t really my story – it was just story.

I shared the blog on Facebook with all of my connections in an attempt to put myself out there.  It didn’t work.  I didn’t feel connected, nor did I feel authentic.  Yes, I love adventures and exploring new places, but that isn’t the story I needed or wanted to tell.

I think Facebook is a great way to connect with others, but it presents a skewed perception of how people are living their lives.  We generally only post about the good things – the triumphs, new jobs, new explorations, etc.  And that is wonderful.  I love hearing about all the new and exciting things that are going on in my friend’s lives.  I feel connected and inspired by their adventures.

I also think it can be very powerful to connect with others who are going through growth and change.  Perhaps Facebook isn’t the place to connect in that way, but if we are all working towards living a full and happy life, then why can’t we be more authentic about our challenges?  I’m not saying that Facebook should become a place to vent about your problems – not AT ALL.  I just know that if I am putting myself out there on a blog to a bunch of people I don’t know, why can’t I put myself out there to a bunch of people who I do know?  The answer is that I can, and I should.  In the path towards authenticity and self-compassion, I choose to share my whole self.

It turns out that I’m not sure exactly what my story is, and I’m okay with that.  The path to discovery is what life is, I think.  That is what I’m writing about now.


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