Listen To Your Gut

When the universe is trying to get you to learn a lesson, it keeps pounding on your door (or knocking you upside the head…whatever metaphor you choose) until you GET IT. This happened to me a few weeks ago.

We all have experienced those big life lessons – about jobs, relationships, direction, motivation, etc. I have clearly been working on the same one for a long time. There is no need to go into detail about what that lesson is or the circumstances around it – but simply that it is so important to listen to your intuition – or that “gut feeling.”

I learned that I have always confused what I thought was intuition with anxiety. I finally figured out how to tell the two feelings apart – and that they are quite different. For me, anxiety shows up in my chest. It is a deep, sharp, dark feeling that often feels like a giant knot. My intuition is felt in my stomach – literally a gut feeling.

The other day I woke up with what I perceived to be a terrible stomach ache. It was also a day, I soon figured out, that I would be presented with being disappointed. My intuition was trying to get my attention all day, but I didn’t listen until it was too late and I lost myself in an expectation.

Good news though! When the disappointment did come – it didn’t last long! I was able to see almost immediately the lesson that the universe had been trying to teach me for many, many years. I thank my intuition for this gift – without it I would be lost in the disappointment. Instead, I realized two things – first, this BIG lesson, and second, that I can trust those gut feelings and that I should listen to them! If I had recognized what was happening sooner, I would have made different decisions. But I didn’t, and I won’t get hung up on that. I instead choose to be grateful for the lesson I did learn, for those that helped me learn it, and most of all for my own intuitive sense.


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