Brene Brown

Have you discovered Brene Brown yet? I’ll start by saying that the final e in her name has a little symbol over it but I am not adept enough to figure out how to do that on my blog so just know it is pronounced Bren-ay. Good? Great.

Moving on….if I could pick anyone is the whole wide world to be my best friend it would be Dr. Brown. Just listen to her TED talk on vulnerability. Or look up her talk with Oprah (I know…Oprah…but let me tell you Oprah kind of knows what she is talking about!) about friendship. Dr. Brown is, in one word, real. She is herself and is completely comfortable admitting just how uncomfortable it is to be herself all the time!

I will give you a small glimpse as to why she is so great and why you need to buy one of her books right now. She has this theory about friendship that makes all of us introverts (and adults, really) feel so much better about our social connections. She says that you only need one – really, just one – “move a body” friend. What is a “move a body” friend? Well, this is a friend that you could call up in the middle of the night to come help you move you drunk mother in law off the couch so your kids don’t wake up to see her passed out. To call her to literally “move a body.” You would call this person because they would not judge you one bit. They would gladly come over, not say a word, and have a beer with you afterwards.

To me, this is an inspiring theory. To know that you really don’t need more than one “move a body” friend is really a big relief. It is not easy to find people like that! If you have more – you should feel lucky!

Look up Brene – you won’t regret it.


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